Natural Ways To Increase Breast Size


How You Can Increase Your Breast Size Naturally


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natural ways to increase breast size


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Appearance is a great concern for every woman. Most you women want to feel and look good. A small breast size is a very common complaint and this can bother you women so much that you may go for surgery to fix this problem.


Today, if you are among the many women who are getting more and more concerned about the size of your breasts then no need to worry. Most of you women want to enhance or even permanently increase the size of your breasts. In most cases a woman’s breast size will fluctuate over her lifetime, this is mainly caused by the natural changes in her life such as puberty and pregnancy. However there are many natural ways to increase breast size and enhance their shape as well..



*Enhancing your breasts through physical exercises.



This is one of the best ways you can naturally increase the size of your breasts. It’s also the cheapest but for it to be effective you need to have a lot of determination and stick to a daily routine of exercises.
You need to exercise the pectoral muscles. Any exercise that work the chest muscles aid in increasing your breast size by enhancing the size and tone of the supporting breast muscles. The exercises also helps by making your breasts look bigger and perkier; this is by increasing the breast’s natural lift and support.



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One of the exercises you can try is push-ups. This exercise is very good for the breast muscles; it toughens the muscles from the inside and also raises your breasts giving then an enlarged look. Do this exercise daily for a while for results; this may even take some few months.
When performing breast enhancement exercises, make sure that you are dressed in the right sports wear. If the exercises are done wrongly, they may cause muscle strain. However if this happens, then you need to see a doctor.

 consuming foods rich in estrogen.


It’s important to know that the hormonal imbalance has some great impacts on your breast. When there is an increase in the male hormones in your body, breast growth is hindered. You can stop this by maintaining the body’s normal and adequate levels of testosterone.foods rich in estrogen-natural ways to increase breast size

Eat foods such as brown rice, oats, beans and peas, barley, apples, carrots, tomatoes flax seeds, dairy, soy products yams and dates. These foods are rich in estrogen and eating them regularly will increase your breast size.






Using herbs in form of supplements or pills is one of the many natural ways to increase breast size.There are some natural ingredients from different plants that you can use to increase your breast size. Such herbs include: Fenugreek seed extract, white kreu, saw palmetto, avena sativa and alfalfa extract. These herbs have very high phytoestrogens content. Their powerful properties regulate the female hormones and also balance the woman’s body system.fennel-herbs to increase breast size
White kwao kreu contains isoflavones that aids in firming up your breast while increasing their size. Avena sativa herb contains saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids and other important minerals. This is very important, it aids in maintaining the hormonal system of the body therefore allowing the body to produce the correct levels of hormones needed.




*Breast pumps

You can also use vacuum systems or breast pumps to increase the size of your breasts. They come in different sizes to fit every woman. They work by stretching your breasts; this makes them bigger and perkier. You only need to attach the pump to the breasts, and then leave them for a while according to the product instructions.
natural ways to increase breast size-breast pumps
These pumps are very effective and can increase the breast size up to 2 cups. However the results will depend and vary on the time duration you will use the pumps. Use the pumps more often to get the best results but remember too much of using this product may result in some breast discomfort.






*Breast augmentation creams and pills



This is one of your many options of increasing the size of your breasts naturally. Most of these creams and pills contain natural herbs mixed in the right proportion to increase the production of estrogen in the breast tissues when rubbed. Use the creams together with the enlargement pills to achieve the best results.





*Breast massage.


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Another one of the effective and natural ways to increase breast size is giving your breasts a massage. This method is effective if combined with some breast enhancing lotions, creams or serums. It’s highly recommended that you use an oral herbal supplement for faster and better growth.
breast massage- increase breast size

Massage your breasts by performing light pressurized to moderate pressurized massaging by using a mild back and forth gentle motion. It’s advisable that you perform the massage in a counter clockwise circle around your breasts. Follow these instructions to get the best results.
You need to massage your breasts once everyday, remember you don’t have to do this for more than five minutes because this may be time consuming.




*Wear a good and appropriate bra


You need to wear an appropriate bra to give your breast full support. This bra should have an effect on the firmness and shape of your breasts. By wearing the right kind of bra you will also prevent your breasts from sagging. When purchasing a bra, make sure it’s the right size; it should not be too tight or too big for you.

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wearing good bras








You can also try the push -up bra; it brings out the breasts size and fullness. These bras will give you sexy and appealing breasts. Most of such bras come with a comfortable padding so the breast will not feel any pain of uncomfortable feeling when you wear them. There are some bras with an under-wire to emphasize on your cleavage.

All the above natural ways to increase breast size have no major negative side effects; they are cheap and involve no scars unlike the surgical method where you spend a lot of money. If you are a woman who suffers from confidence issue due to your small breast size, you don’t have to worry anymore. Use any of the above ways to get your ideal breast size.