Breast Enhancement Foods



 breast enhancement foods




Most women admit to not having the breast cup size that they would have originally wished for. This is one of the leading reasons why breast reductions and enlargements are some of the most performed surgeries on women.

It is however better to enhance your looks through natural methods than artificial ways. Going the natural way to increase breast size reduces chances of side effects that are most common in artificial methods.










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Many women who “never thought they could” have been able to do just that, with a popular HERB currently available called:





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The HERB  was founded in 2002 and is a trusted name in Health and Beauty.  The company that manufactures the herb is a  proud member of the Natural Products Association and are dedicated to providing safe and effective products that help people supplement their lives.







One of the Herb success stories stated:

Breast Actives


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thanks for coming into our lives DOC 



                                      Mary Polanski (Germany)   – Age 26″



This is the kind of  HERB you might not necessarily find in your Drug store but that an increasing number of women are finding success with this HERB.
If you’re looking to get an increase in breast size  fast, and you’re at that point of desperation, this might well be the best option.







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These can sometimes cause long term effects that at times render the whole procedure more harmful than the original intention was. Natural methods give your body a chance to adjust to the new changes efficiently which eventually leads to better results.






Natural methods also allow you to control and maintain the new breasts size unlike artificial methods that forces one to settle for the already made sizes. Maintenance in this case might be more harmful and even cause more complications in the process in case the body rejects the new adjustments and foreign materials.






Going the natural way to increase breast size gives you the chance to benefit your body as you focus on attaining your goal. The natural way of breast enhancement allows you to enjoy the results for longer and make the changes part of your body than using breast enhancement creams and breast enhancement surgery which are also highly recommended.







One of the most effective ways of enhancing the size of the breasts is through diet. Different foods play different roles in our bodies hence different effects. The power that certain foods have that make the breast enhancement process a success is their being rich in estrogen.





Estrogen is a hormone found in the female body that contributes to the definition of the female features. This hormone is vital in breast growth hence its relevance in this case.




Fortunately, some foods are known to be high in estrogen. Eating such foods promotes the production of this female hormone that effectively sees to breast growth and the enhancement of other lady features.






This is one of the highest produced hormones in pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is during such times that the ladies notice breast enlargement. In this case, not only are the breasts enhanced, they also attain a beautiful shape and appearance.






They are fuller and firm unlike when the estrogen hormone is not present. During these unfortunate times, the breasts are saggy, deflated and greatly reduce in size.


This goes to show how estrogen rich foods can help any woman achieve the highest heights of attaining their feminine features. There are some easily available foods that can make this quest a success. The foods that one should be looking for in this case include;








1. What Is Fennel And How Can It Help You





This herbs is easily available at the stores hence in reach for anyone who’d like to naturally enhance their breasts. It has been part of the kitchen foods for many years and its popularity is increasing by the day. natural way to increase breast size-fennelFennel was used in the past to help mothers produce more milk for their children after birth.






This herb is also known as “the estrogenic herb” which means that it is full of estrogen. Its efficacy in helping mothers produce more milk goes to prove this fact true. You can choose to include it in your diet or through salads as it greatly enhances the flavor and serves the initial purpose as one of the best breast enhancement foods.






Fennel can also be used in sandwiches along side other ingredients like tomatoes and lettuce. This herb can also be eaten by itself with no other accompaniment and still make your quest a success.






2.Why Dairy products May Or May Not Be Essential






Some countries in some parts of the world like the African countries tend to feed more on dairy products when lactating. These include cheese, ghee, yoghurt and even fresh milk.





The fact that all dairy products aid in the production of three female friendly hormones; estrogen, prolactin and progesterone goes to prove this fact true.  These hormones play a major role in the female body that promotes proper functioning of the female organs.






The more they take these products, the more the milk production and breast enhancement. These dairy products are known to promote female hormone production that also include breasts enhancement.





Dairy products can be used however one wishes; you can drink the milk, cook with the butter and use cheese on sandwiches or eat them whole. Either way, you achieve your target.






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3. Saw Palmetto

These might be a little bit hard to find but not impossible to find at the farmer’s market. These dried berries are mostly used in menopausal women who experience some not so lady like changes in their body, for instance excessive hair growth.






These are also used to reduce or shrink male prostrates. They are proven to increase the production of the female hormone estrogen which is effective as breast enhancement foods. They are bitter hence not favorable to be eaten whole. However, they are available in supplement form especially rich in vitamins.






4. Fenugreek

This age old herb is very beneficial to people trying to enhance their breasts. It is rich in Oxytocin which is a very effective hormone in milk production in lactating mothers.




Fenugreek is also known to contain a synthetic form of estrogen which is responsible for retaining more water. Through this process, this hormone helps in the enhancement of the breasts as it stimulates more milk production.






When eating fenugreek, this hormone functions the same way by enhancing the breasts and restoring them to the actual size, shape and form they should be but not actually producing milk. It is available in supplement form for easy digestion. It can also be used as spice on food.







5. Flax seeds


These seeds are high in phytoestrogens. These are vital in cell growth and in the production of the cells hence better and healthier breasts. They can be found in cereals or can be added to other foods.






Soy is also known to help in breast enhancement as it contains flavors that play some roles that estrogen plays. Breast enhancement foods play a major role in increasing the size of breasts and also enhancing their shape and form. This combination gives you fuller and more defined breasts the natural way.



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